drupal interview questions and answers for 2 years experience

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

drupal interview questions and answers for 2 years experience
Compare Joomla and Drupal Terminology

Joomla Template is called Theme in Drupal.
Component = Module.
Module = Block.
Mambot/Plugin = Input filter.
Menu-Horizontal = Primary Links
Menu-Vertical = Navigation
Dynamic Content Item = Story
Static Content = Page
Back-end = there is no back-end in Drupal,
SEF = Clean URLs (but some docs refer to SEF, too).
Section = Taxonomy Vocabulary/Term
Section Title = Taxonomy Term (master)
Category = Taxonomy Term (child)
Introtext = Teaser
Maintext = Body (see explanation below)
Pathway = Breadcrumb
Q: Drupal current version ?
Answer:- The Drupal current varsion is 7.21

Q:What is Drupal ?
Drupal is an open-source platform and content management system for building dynamic web sites offering a broad range of

features and services including user administration, publishing workflow, discussion capabilities, news aggregation,

metadata functionalities using controlled vocabularies and XML publishing for content sharing purposes.

Q: drupal basic Topics?
Answer:-  Node, Module, Teaser, theme, Path, taxonomy, Patch, Region, Block, Menu

Q. How do I access the Drupal admin panel, when the login block is disabled?
Answer :-
are if we are using clean url
the url is

Q: explain the block in drupal?
Answer: Block are the boxes of content. that can be dispay in header, siderbar, main body, footer (regions)

Get Block content in drupal7

Answer:  <?php

         $block = module_invoke('views', 'block_view', 'map-block_1');
         print $block['content'];


Compare Joomla and Drupal Terminology
Bolck are called module in joomla.

Q: What is a Box in Drupal?
Answer: Box is a simple Block(add the boxes module to display boxes).

Q: What is a comment in drupal?
Answer: the comment module allows user to comment the articles and pages and blocks.

Q: what is a node in drupal?
Answer: A node is a single entry that uses some content type poll, page, story, and etc submission form.

Q: how to put it into maintenance mode in drupal?
Answer:Go to "Configuration" ->"Maintenance mode".
Make sure the "Put site into maintenance mode" box is checked.
Enter the message you want visitors to see during the interruption.
Click "Save configuration".

Q:How do you handle upgrades?

  Step:1 backing up the site,
    Step2: putting it into maintenance mode
        Step3: downloading the new version of the module
    Step4: uncompressing it
    Step5: running update.php
    Step6: testing the site
    Step7: taking the site out of maintenance mod

List the modules required for building a social networking website in Drupal.
• Activity
• Advanced Forum
• Advanced Profile Kit
• Application Toolbar (Appbar)
• Author Pane
• Buddylist2 Package
• Buddylist: list your social network
• CiviCRM: manage community contacts, relationships, and activities
• CiviNode and CiviNode CCK: Tools For Integrating CiviCRM Contacts Into Drupal Content
• Comment Notify
• FOAF: friends of a friend
• Facebook-style Statuses
• Family: Record, display, and analyze genealogical data.
• Flag Friend
• Friend
• FriendList
• Front: Show group membership and events
• Gigya Socialize Module
• Invite: send invitations to join your site
• Notice Feed
• Organic Group
• Profile Setup
• Radioactivity
• Sports Pickem
• Tellafriend Node
• User Invite
• User Relationships
• UserTag:Tag users with taxonomy terms
• meetü: The Social Networking Game from the OPL @ RIT

Q: List the SEO modules available in Drupal.
 Nodewords/ Meta tags
 Service links
 Google analytics
 Related Links
 Search 404
 Site map
 Url list


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